Why I made the switch to WordPress (sponsored post)

I have been blogging since I was in middle school, roughly 14 years ago. However since then, I have used 5 different sites for my blog. 4 of those sites were shut down, without notice, to back them up. One of those sites, while I personally liked it, it was lacking customization, help, and yes money.

I spent 8 months waiting for approval on my old blog site and it was still in review this morning, to allow me to use ads. The process was only suppose to take 3 days. Yet, as of today when I closed that site down, I was still waiting.

WordPress has been so much easier to use! There are a multitude of options to customize your site or blog. Which let’s face it, we all want to stand out from the crowd. I started with the free WordPress option until I got a feel for how it operated and whether or not it was actually better than my former site. The options are endless. There is actually a help section where you can even get live help on something. It took me about 4 months to decide to upgrade to the premium package to make my transition official. The premium package is an ideal place for people who want to blog while making extra cash. You don’t have to worry about where to insert an HTML code for your ads to work. You don’t have to wait to be approved because you are automatically when you upgrade.

I highly recommend WordPress if you’re looking for the absolute best place to start or restart your blog or website. Click this link to start yours today!



**DISCLAIMER: Although this is a sponsored post all the thoughts are strictly my own. If you do purchase a plan through the link provided I do get to make some commission at no extra cost to you.**


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